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tONIGHTLost in the dark maze of life
I wearily, drag myself,
to oblivion.

Grief… Anguish…

Bare the soul ,
caught in the barbed wire of people’s indifference,
is “dying”.

Redemption is what I seek.

Oddly enough, I feel strong;
even “death” I can confront.

Life or “Death” ?

Whichever the decision
“Death” or Life …
right or wrong…
the choice is mine!

Oddly enough, I feel strong;
even “death” I can confront.

© Ann Marie Zagorianos

Our life these days has nothing to do with our life of a few years ago. It seems we have been living in world of insanity, a world barren of beauty and humaneness.
War, cruelty, rapes, ugliness, children’s tears, death…
People are infused with hatred and they pass this hatred on to the next generation.
I wish I could do something about it. I wish I had the magic wand to change everything, but… I only have my quill.
I can’t always write about beauty and utopias when my glance touches suffering and grief. I can’t enjoy my life when the world around me collapses. Don’t take me wrong. I praise the Lord for the invaluable gift of life He has given me, living in Greece , a beautiful country despite its problems.
When I speak of “death” I do not mean committing suicide! NO! I LOVE my life!
When I speak of “death” I mean withdrawal from the pleasures
as I can’t enjoy my life the way I used to.   People say: “Enjoy your life. Do not care about what is happening. This is life!”
NO, this is NOT life. This is hell on earth.
Poets tend to become very emotional when writing.
They go deeper, baring their soul . They try to shake off people’s indifference to awaken them, to make them reach out and make the difference.

Thank you! Ann Marie Zagorianos

Απόψε νοιώθω παράξενα δυνατή
ακόμα και για Θάνατο
σα να τον προσμένω!

Με κόπο διανύω την απόσταση
μέχρι τη λήθη
χαμένη στο ερεβώδες τούνελ,
της Ζήσης!

Θλίψη… Αγωνία…
μα εγώ, τη λύτρωση αναζητώ!

Γυμνή η ψυχή, ματώνει
στα ηλεκτροφόρα συρματοπλέγματα
της αδιαφορίας των ανθρώπων.

Θλίψη… Αγωνία…
μα εγώ, τη λύτρωση αναζητώ!

Τη λύτρωση…
Ζωή ή «Θάνατος»…
Όποια κι αν, η απόφαση, είναι
«Θάνατος» ή Ζωή..
ορθή ή λανθασμένη,
η επιλογή μου ανήκει.

© Άννα Μαρια Ζαγοριανού