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I Write About You


Tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Ann Marie Zagorianos. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt and grew up in the Sudan. I come from Rhodes in Hellas, where I live.
I teach English. I love children and I know they love me, too. If only we, adults could listen to what they have to say, I am sure life would have been a lot better. I fight hard to retain the child in me.

I love all people regardless of nationality, color, political views or religion. United we can change the world to the better. Life is short, why should we waste it on pointless conflicts?
Writing poems, stories, articles, reading books, listening to music, editing and producing videos or taking photos and making photo creations, excite my interest and add color to my life.

I have published three poetry books  in Greek.  My poems have…

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