Rapists  the  anthropomorphous  monsters.

Violence flows in their veins deadening the senses.

The heart beats in a monotone.

Insensitive , glassy stare fixes on void.

Contradictory in terms

rationale  of the absurd their actions.

Entrapped in the barbed-wire-cage of insanity,

they  sacrifice  innocent people’s life  to satisfy the  beast in them.

Angels die yet their executioners abscond.


© Ann Marie Zagorianos.





Watching the news on TV doesn’t leave much light in the tunnel.

Many  young people die of drugs, of rape, of cancer, in war or murdered.

I  want to believe that God Calls His Angels back in Heaven with Him.

I  take comfort at this belief.

But when young girls  are gang-raped , tortured and hanged ,

I lose my love for Man and my faith gets a strong blow.

I look at the hanged girls and feel to the bone the horror they went through.

My heart is bleeding.

I look at the crowd gathered at the scene of the crime and shiver. They are flabbergasted.

It is appalling to see young children in the crowd.

Will those who committed such crime , ever  be punished, I wonder…

It is outrageous.   Rape is considered  lawful in some countries ;

grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters are not equal to man

and as a result they are not respected at all.

How sad! What a shame!


Ανθρωπόμορφο τέρας, ο βιαστής.

Η βία στις φλέβες κυλά

νεκρώνουν οι αισθήσεις.

Μονότονα συρτός της καρδιάς ο ρυθμός.

Η αδιαφορία το βλέμα παγώνει.

Αντιφατικό όριο λογικής παραλόγου οι πράξεις του.

Παγιδευμένος στα συρματοπλέγματα της παράνοιας

αθώους ανθρώπους θυσιάζει

για να ικανοποιήσει το θηρίο που για αίμα διψά.

Τρόμος κενού…

Άγγελοι πεθαίνουν…

Ο εκτελεστής ελεύθερος

το μακάβριο έργο , αμείλικτα, συνεχίζει.


© Άννα Mαρία Ζαγοριανού