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annie mirror 2 candles

Life is a battle game.

You have to play hard,

be persistent and demanding

in order to accomplish your goals.

Each round must be completed

making  the appropriate movements,

to proceed to the next level.

I was not taught how to do so;

a tough task indeed.

Every night the curtain drops

on stage at the Theatre of Life.

The last applaud and a bow

before the actors retire

to their dressing rooms.

One more performance has been given.

Back in my dressing room,

I take off my costume

and stand before the mirror.

I remove the mask

and face the strange reflection

staring at me through the mirror.

Man and the Self;

everlasting rivals.

A troubled glance  of hopelessness

and despair, is fixed on me.

I shudder  to think of the long row

of my extinguished life candles.

I quiver with fear

when I see that the row

of  the remaining lit-up life candles, dwindles.

Every day I drown my dreams

in oblivion waters,

fighting the inevitable;

slow death.

A utopian future, without hypostasis,

might never come.

A shadeless copy of the past.

One more performance to be given

on the stage of life.


© Ann Marie Zagorianos





Author’s Notes:  I am a smiling person who loves life, creation, beauty and a good laugh. I know this doesn’t show in my recent writings. Please do forgive me for that. I am a poetess and I  write according to the eruption of my soul’s volcano. When there is no beauty I try to create it. Even in ugliness one can see the light. At least this is what I used to believe all those years back…but I am only human, and a very sensitive one I assure you. This means that I can’t write about happiness when most of the people in the world suffer. I can’t smile when there are numerous sad children faces and tearful eyes, around me. I am Blessed with living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world  and I am very proud of it but I can’t see the light. Only darkness, despair and fear. This never ending crisis has deprived us of the right to dreaming, to feeling happiness, to Life. We have been metamorphosed into actors performing at the theatre of absurdity.Thank you all.
Be Blessed. Ann Marie.