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Had I been given a second chance
to start my life from scratch,
what would I change, I wonder…!
Had I had the magic wand,
I would shed Fear and would absorb,
every single drop of my life-clepsydra
as if it were the last one.
I would not be stranded like a shipwreck sailor,
lost, in the middle of nowhere.
I would not seek refuge in the generous past,
but I’d live my present with every fibre of my psyche.
Having fled from Phobos,
land of fire and torture,
I’d reconsider my whole being.
I would spread each new day out, before me,
like a blank page , in my diary.
Each day… a fresh start,
a new goal to be accomplished;
a new page in my journal,
to be filled with colorful rainbows.
I would infuse my life with Joy, Unconditional Love and True Light,
the Breath of God!
Had I been given a second chance…
I would not allow anyone to crush my dreams
or tear my heart to shreds.
Present Life is too shortlived to be wasted,
and Thanatos ( though it is the gate to new dimensions),  is so terminal.
If only I had a second chance…!


In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite and Ares are Phobos’ parents.
Thanatos’ parents are Nyx (Night) and Erebos (Darkness).  His Twin brother is Hypnos (Sleep)

© Ann Marie Zagorianos. All rights reserved