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Oh, my guitar  ,weep…
Set the floodgates open
and allow the sobs of a lifetime
to caress your string!
Let grievance
into blazing lava
relieve your longing!
Oh, my guitar ,weep…
Free the tears;
let them drip verses!
Fling mellifluous notes
in the gust of wind,
balsam to all
sore at heart!
Oh, my guitar ,weep…
Turn tears into sweet melody,
make sobs into melodious songs!
Whisper , my soul,
both the afflictions and the joys,
life holds!
Oh, my guitar, weep…
Turn into a colorful butterfly;
flutter your wings!
Gather joyous notes…
nostalgic notes…
wanton notes…
dormant yearning.
Oh, my guitar , weep…
I long for redemption!


© Ann Marie Zagorianos