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Allow me to introduce Ringo to you! He  is the four-legged guardian-angel of  all animals and humans in the area. Ringo is a smart dog, always busy; I believe it is the only dog,  which really knows where it is heading. Ringo knows all the shop-owners, the old ladies and children in the neighbourhood. He knows pretty well which door to knock on. He has been the right-hand-man, for the animal welfare society.

I myself, have seen him offer a piece of sandwich to a hungry dog. Strange isn’t it?

I saw  Ringo the other day, paying a visit to a lady.

“Do you know Ringo?”, I asked her. “How do you think I ended up with two dogs? Ringo  brought them to me and I took them. Simply as that.”, she said

And when one day Ringo fell sick and could not move, all of his friends came to his help. He got all the attention he needed; medicine, food, a pat and  a hug!

This is Ringo , my  dear friends.

A V.I.P. ( I have always regarded him as a person and not as a dog) , in charge of the public relations office in our town.

If you happen to walk past him and he barks, don’t be afraid. He doesn’t mean any harm.

He simply welcomes you in our neighbourhood.

© Ann Marie Zagorianos