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blog thalassa goddess of the sea

Eos arrives
on her dazzling chariot.
The azure sky is aglow
with the rising sun.
Helios’  flaming lips
touch the sparkling sea.
Amphitrite the goddess queen
smiles seductively.
Gurgling and swirling in Poseidon’s arms,
she shakes  seaweeds
off her watery hair.
Aflamed with passion,
Poseidon lashes the water with his trident.
Salt-kissed mermaids chase
the fleecy white chunks of water
tantalizing the spellbound sailors.
Thalassa, bewitching goddess of the Sea
sublime, serene but unpredictable,
turns into a cruel monster
when angered at Poseidon’s unfaithfulness.
Raging and cursing,
she hurls her billows
knowing no mercy.

Oh, Thalassa, goddess of the sea!
Despite your unpredictability,
no one will ever escape your charm.

© Ann Marie Zagorianos